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"I wanted to thank Billy's Legacy for rewarding me with a scholarship to help fund me for Master's Commission. It was an eventful year and I definitely learned a lot. I never knew how much of an impact just a scholarship could have on someone until you guys supported some of my tuition. I am very thankful for all that you guys do and for what you have done for me and others. I wanted to share with you guys a little bit about my Missions trip I went on. In April I went to Guatemala with my team and we had a great experience. The kids were so trusting of us and clung to us as soon as we got there. We helped them break apart a concrete slab to add more to their health clinic and it was a success. I loved being there every moment and can not wait to go back. Well there is a little bit of what happened and I believe God is going to grow in their community not just grow in their community but also increase the number of people in their communities and that other teams will get to have the experience we had when we went there. Thank you again so much for all you guys do and all you have and are going to do."

C.D  - Scholarship Recipient


C.D  - Scholarship Recipient

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